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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Because I Care!

"Love each other deeply,
because love covers over
a multitude of sins."
(1 Peter 4:8)

Today after re-posting a writing about Nagasaki (today is the 67th anniversary of the atomic bombing), I suddenly wanted to paint a picture of Dr. Takashi Nagai.

I had to run to a class, but quickly printed out two pictures of him with his children at his bedside and a picture of the destroyed Urakami Cathedral to take with me. I had an art class at the church today, and used the time to pray and paint this.

Initially I thought it was just my desire to paint this, but as I started to look at the printed pictures, God told me that He had a picture for me in my spirit (just as He had a picture for me about Hiroshima).

I soon realized that He was getting me in touch with a part of me that has wanted to devote myself to looking at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In the last ten years I've wanted to look hard at the reality and suffering that the bombs caused, to hear the testimonies of survivors, to watch the broadcasts of the annual memorial services on August 6th and 9th.

I asked, "Why have I wanted to look so hard, Lord?"

He said, "Because you care!" I want to care and share! Something in me just wants to hug them and be with them in this. I want to be at Nagai's bedside and hold his hand. I want to stand with them amid the ruins. I want to tell him, "No, you didn't deserve this!"

And so He gave me this picture from His Spirit (entitled "Shining with the Glory of God") to show me the desire that's been buried in my spirit all these years. Others had seen me seriously watching the peace ceremonies, visiting Hiroshima, collecting materials and more. I worried that they might think I was sad or depressed, or that I might have some desire to force myself to face the horror.

But God really set me free from those worries by explaining that no, it's simply that I *care*! I haven't known how to share that or tell others about that, and I've felt awkward at those times. But He shared His love with me for them, and I'm really thankful and grateful for that. (Thank You, Lord!)


See also Nagasaki City's site about Dr. Nagai.



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