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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy All Hallows Eve!

"Happy All Hallows Eve!"
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Happy All Hallows Eve! and happy Reformation Day!

On October 31st, 1517, (the evening before All Hallows Day) a monk named Martin Luther nailed up a list of 95 problems with the rules made by the church, because Jesus' love is FREE! Sometimes we Christians make lots of rules and say that God won't accept you until you keep them. But the Bible says,

"God forgave us of our sins, having cancelled the written code with its regulations... He took it away, nailing it to the Cross." (Colossians 2:14)

Jesus died on the Cross to free us from the burden of trying to be perfect because He knew we couldn't be! He doesn't want your perfect show or performance—instead He just wants YOU!!! He loves you and LIKES you so much that He'd die just to be able to spend forever with you!

A few years ago I wrote about "Re-formation" (see this link) and had the idea of posting a note about the significance of the day on your door. I suggested it to some friends in the States and they turned it around, asking, "Can you make one for us?" So I prayed about it and God said YES!

So here it is! You can print it out, post it on your door, or print a bunch of them and give them to trick-or-treaters along with candy. If you'd like a larger file so that you can print in better quality, just email me: Contact Me!

I think another great idea would be if you print out some verses of your favorite promises and wrap the candy inside them (make sure to wrap *over* the candy's original wrapper—don't take the original wrapper off!). You could put verses like, "Taste and see that the Lord is good!"

And if anyone's bold enough, it'd be fun to put on a monk robe and go out with the trick-or-treaters to give something to people! You could give them the message, but I think it'd be good if you give them some candy, too. =)


  • At October 28, 2011 11:19 AM, Blogger Ramone said…

    I'm wondering if it's worth adding a note that this is not necessarily meant to be about the Reformation, Catholicism, or Luther, haha. The main point is about the Cross, about how Jesus would rather take the penalty of the rules getting broken into Himself than go to heaven without you!

    And, it's also about how *we* Christians (whether Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, etc.) have a habit of adding a lot of "steps" that people have to take to reach Christ. Sometimes it's because we have pet doctrines we want to preach and use His name to preach them, saying they're the "testimony of Jesus". Other times it's because we're afraid of "making things too easy"... because we're afraid of people abusing grace. Deep inside, I think that means we're not quite sure of His grace and think that our own good behavior has somehow solidified things, and that if we admit the fullness of His grace to people who aren't doing what we're doing, then it threatens us somehow.

    I love this quote from the preacher Martyn Lloyd-Jones,

    "There is thus clearly a sense in which the message of 'justification by faith only' can be dangerous, and likewise with the message that salvation is entirely of grace.... I would say to all preachers: If your preaching of salvation has not been misunderstood in that way, then you had better examine your sermons again, and you had better make sure that you really are preaching the salvation that is offered in the New Testament to the ungodly, to the sinner, to those who are enemies of God. There is this kind of dangerous element about the true presentation of the doctrine of salvation."

    In his book, What's So Amazing About Grace?, author Philip Yancey adds,

    "Grace has about it the scent of scandal... God took a great rsik by announcing forgiveness in advance, and the scandal of grace involves a transfer of that risk to us."

  • At October 31, 2011 5:58 PM, Anonymous Randy King said…

    I once had an idea to dress as Jesus, go door to door and, when they answered saying, "If I'd REALLY been Jesus, would you have been ready?". I shared this with some co-workers and they begged me not to do it because it'd ruin their Halloween "fun". Never did it, but it still comes to mind every year!

  • At July 04, 2014 1:09 AM, Blogger Harmony Williams said…

    That sounds great! Sometimes God calls us to do something that takes us out of our comfort zone. If those co-workers are people you truly care about (Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors) then you would want them to know the truth and would want them saved. Jesus not only speaks to us through the bible, but also thru his spirit. If he's calling you to do something then by golly do it. Pastors and preachers get their calling from the Spirit, so start listening and fight the good fight. If you are Luke warm for God, then he will spew you out. Please don't be a fence sitter.


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