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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Imagine Relieving the Disasters...

Ok, think about your church for a minute.

Imagine it's in a suburbian city not too far from the coast.

Imagine there was a huge, huge earthquake, but your church is OK.

Imagine that there is a big tsunami that wipes out the coast.

Imagine that supplies come out of nowhere pouring into your church.

Imagine that lots of people become homeless because of the disasters.

Imagine that a nuclear power plant gets damaged from the disasters.

Imagine that a lot of people have a real reason to be very angry now.

And imagine again those supplies that keep pouring into your church.

Imagine that you start giving those supplies out to people.

Imagine that you go to visit people living in evacuation shelters.

Imagine that you give out food or needed stuff, like towels.

Imagine that you just sit and listen to people unload.

Imagine they share their fears with you.

Imagine they share their cares and worries.

Imagine that you get to share some hope and love with them.

Imagine that they start to want to help you help others.


Do you think I'm talking about Fukushima?

Why is your church different?

Just because you don't have the same disasters?

But you do!

Don't you have people in your city who are:

...suffering from depression?

...lonely and suicidal?

...poor and trying to scrape by?

...homeless and without hope?

...under the terrible weight of cares and fears?

And haven't you gotten a lot of "supplies" of love from Christ?

And from each other in your church?

It's not so different at all, is it!

What are you going to do, sit on those supplies?

Sit on that love?

Or go ye therefore and love one another "as I have loved you"?



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