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Thursday, July 22, 2010



A friend asked me,

"What do you think of our sanctification? Does it involve diligent effort from us or do we rest in this also? I just don't want to lose my rest by slipping backward into sins, or forward into work."

I answered:

I don't know exactly how to explain it, and I am far, far from feeling sinless or perfect. But sanctification is His job. It's like this picture above. It involves cooperating with Him as He leads, but above all it begins by resting in Him and accepting that somehow ultimately it is His job from start to finish.

In my own life here's what ths means:

I fall, I feel down, and often when that happens I try to think of what I should do to apologize or feel properly repentant. And that leads me nowhere. Finally I end up looking up to Him, and I know He's there and I have rest in Him, and I realize I've been trying somehow without Him.

Then as I'm there in His rest, I bring up the "But what about next time, Lord?" fear, and He just smiles and holds me and says don't worry (and makes me cry a lot like that, with His love). And He says He never left me.

I say how bad I am, and He says no, He sees me differently than I do. He washes me with His word, telling me how pure and beautiful I am in His sight, and how He has washed and cleansed me by what He did for me on the cross. He tells me my sins are finished in Him.

"What about next time?" I ask again.

He says, "Look here, look up to Me."

I don't think I've gotten "past" this point or this process.

And somehow, He tells me now, "That's all right; that's the idea."


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