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Monday, March 28, 2011

Update & Tohoku Art

Hi everyone,

I apologize that it's been soooo long since I've updated this blog. There are various reasons for this, chief among them that Facebook is a lot easier to use, haha. I'm going to attempt to do a massive overhaul on this page and on all my blogs, so I'm importing things that were scattered around on various blogs onto this blog. Then I'll be looking into copying various "notes" (articles) that I've written on Facebook back onto this blog.

For pictures, well, I don't think Blogger is going to be able to match the ease of putting pictures on Facebook, so I'm going to generally cease putting up family pictures here (plus I need to conserve space for art pictures). If you'd like to see how I'm doing, look me up on Facebook. =)

For those wondering about us and the earthquake/tsunami, we are fine here in Osaka, about 1000km away from the epicenter and very far from the Fukushima nuclear reactor as well. We have some friends who have gone out to the Tohoku area (the northeast of Japan) to help out with relief, and it is hard knowing people are suffering but life goes on over here as "normal". Out of my heart and God's, the overflow and pain, I've put up a page of pictures related to the disaster. Some pictures arose from the disaster, while others were done earlier but I felt impressed to add to the page:

Jesus Loves Tohoku Art (page)
For the victims of the earthquake & tsunami.

Jesus Loves Tohoku Art (page)


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