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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Command to Remember

The Lord's Supper in the New Covenant is an act of "remembrance" directly parallel to the command to "remember" the Sabbath in the Sinatic covenant.

The Sabbath remembrance command ordered the people to act as though they were in Eden prior to Adam & Eve's sin. (None of the actions or prohibitions in the Sabbath command would have made any sense during the time prior to Adam & Eve's sin.) The Sabbath command had people remember a time in Eden when things were "finished" (God "rested" literally means God "ceased", i.e., "finished"), when there was perfection, peace, and no sin.

The Sabbath also called to remembrance the deliverance from Egypt, from slavery, and it held the promise of coming to a new land of freedom, peace and rest. The Sabbath called to rememberance God's work -- mankind did nothing to enter Eden's rest, and Israel did nothing to accomplish her own deliverance from Egypt (it was wrought by God's hand alone).

In the same way, the Lord's Supper calls us to remember that salvation is wrought by God's hand alone (Isaiah 52 even refers to Christ as God's "right arm"). It was not our work or law-keeping that made us righteous, but the perfect work of the Son on our behalf. The Lord's Supper calls us to remember this, to remember this deliverance He provided us through His sacrifice. We were born slaves to sin, but He sets us free through Himself (He *is* the truth that sets us free indeed). Through faith in Him, we enter God's rest (Heb.4:3). Those who entered Canaan led by Joshua did not enter His rest, as Psalms 95 says. But we who believe in Christ and rest in Him by faith do enter His rest. We enter and partake of Life (He is the Life).

Both Sabbath and the Lord's Supper were given to call people under each respective covenant to remember the Lord's deliverance from slavery by the work of His hand alone, that He has restored us to His rest by His work alone, that we have a new life of freedom in Him (indeed, in Him we are a "new creation" and already live in His rest there in the Spirit; Ephesians 2:6 and Colossians 3:1-3 say we are literally already there with Him, seated in heaven in Him).

Sabbath looked back to Eden before sin, before the sacrifice. And Sabbath looked at freedom from Egypt after the lamb had been slain and its blood had protected the people so that they could return to the promised land. Just as an animal was sacrificed to clothe the naked Adam and Eve after their sin, so there was also a sacrifice made to cover our nakedness so that we may re-enter the rest and peace of Eden. Just as a sacrifice made the way for the people to escape the slavery of Egypt and be free to inherit the promised land, so the sacrifice of the Son has freed us from our sins and given us an imperishable inheritance, kept safely for us above (1 Peter 1:3-9).

Sabbath was the command of remembrance given before the cross, a shadow given to remind people of the peace of Eden and the deliverance the Messiah would bring which would restore them to God's rest. The Lord's Supper is given to us today so we may remember and look back to the cross where God gave us peace and rest through the work His Son finished there.

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