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Friday, August 06, 2010

Nothing I Can Do

A friend wrote a short comment online about the Hiroshima bombing, how vengeance is God's and He does not forget. I wanted to say something but I just couldn't. What he said was right and true, but I just couldn't get past the pain. Of course I'm frustrated and angry because I know what happened and see my own people (who did it or supported it) continue to not care by trying to justify it and do anything but look the horror in the face. But deeper than all of that there is a feeling of helplessness. Helpless to be able to do anything for the people who suffered. That was the pain that kept me from being able to comment about what my friend wrote today.

That cry has has been there inside me for many, many years, but I didn't begin to understand until today. I wanted to paint suddenly. I wanted to portray something, just to honor them. I want to do something for them. But there's nothing I can do. And that is the most painful cry for me. But I didn't know how to portray that. I prayed and God described this picture to me. He told me that this is what is inside my heart: I want to help them, to give them even just a cup of cold water. But I can't. It doesn't solve anything, and the cry is still there in my heart. I still long to give them a cup of water, even just to ease their suffering, to let them know someone cares, to cry with them, to let them know even just a little love before they die. This cry isn't going to go away while I'm alive.

Come soon, Lord.


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