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Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy 2009!

Nengajou 2009 - click for nice, larger picture!

Happy New Year, everyone! This is Timothy ("Timo") speaking. This year I've taken over the Nengajou. Last year (and all the years before it) my Daddy did it. And, well, he's actually typing now, but of course I'm holding him at toy gunpoint and dictating this to him, word for word in perfect, unbroken iambic pentameter.

As you'll note, the feature of each picture is yours truly. Similar to last year's, yes, but you'll notice I'm more active! This year I learned to walk, talk a bit, eat lots of different kinds of food, and invade every part of Mommy & Daddy's lives. Yaay! Well, I'll stop babbling and tell you about the pictures...

Oops, bedtime!


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