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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gently Broken (A New Website for Adventists)

Gently Broken

My friend Cherry Brandstater has launched a website for Adventists...

Introducing a New Website

Gently Broken
For the Adventist Heart that Longs for More of Jesus


Gently Broken is a place where you can go to read stories of people probably a whole lot like you. They have lived the Adventist life-style and would be considered solid citizens. But somewhere along the way, they knew that something was missing. Their journies (Young SDA and Seasoned SDA) may give you some hope that you can be passionate about Jesus too.

There are studies that will challenge you to dig a little deeper than you have before (Ultimate Rest, Spirit, Faith or Fear?). Eventually, there will even be a game room where you can pit your knowledge of all things Adventist against "Doc." You can help us with this by submitting your own creations. Hope to see you there.


Welcome Home!

Part of my own testimony is in the “Young SDA” section, and I contributed art throughout the three studies, particularly for their introductions --

"Ultimate Rest"
(picture: "Gently Broken")

(picture: "Eternity")

"Faith or Fear?"
(picture: "Letting Go")

Bless you in JESUS!


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