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Monday, October 27, 2008



I don't know how many of you have ever had counseling (or how many of us would admit to it, hah!)... but it's wonderful. I've only seen one professional counselor (at University) for a short time, but I've talked with a pastor who also did counseling, and then with two spiritual mothers to whom I could open up and unload.

Opening up and unloading is wonderful. Paul wrote that we fulfill the law of Christ when we "carry one another's burdens" (Galatians 6:2). The few times I've been able to do this for others have probably been as fulfilling for me as for them!

Somehow, though, I never applied the wonderfulness of "counseling" to the word "counselor." You see, the Bible says that Christ is the wonderful counselor, and Jesus called the Holy Spirit "The Counselor." Somehow that always sounded very cold and factual, maybe like a military advisor. Perhaps it had something to do with how the "Holy Spirit" is generally intellectualized as your "conscience" or is not allowed to speak -- we often only allow Him to "impress" us as we read Scripture.

But one night He spoke to me about His name, Counselor, and He connected it with what I had experienced. The wonderful rest of opening to another, of being held by another, of a trusted one holding your hand, holding your head, stroking your hair, and holding your burden. Taking your burden. Taking it away. And leaving you there lying on the couch with rest, with a peace you can't quite explain, even if your "problem" didn't get "solved" immediately, you're set at peace because the Counselor is there, loves you, and you trust Him.

This is our Counselor. This is the Holy Spirit. Know Him anew today as your Counselor!


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