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Saturday, September 20, 2008

One and a Half!

I love charging Daddy and being pushed back by him!

Timo is one and a half today!

On the 20th of every month (he was born on March 20th) we take a picture with this rabbit (name=Usagi!) ...as he gets older and more antsy, it's harder and harder to get him to sit still with Usagi. Today it was accomplished by putting a little lego alligator on Usagi's head...

There's an alligator on your head, Usagi!  Haha! Daddy, Usagi's ribbon came off!  I shut my eyes to his nakedness!

Aaaah! He's attacking me!  No, I'm attacking him!  Get thee down, shameful naked rabbit! (Pause) Aren't I cute?

Sometimes he likes to beat up on Usagi and kick him over, anoint him, baptize him, or give him a brain-sucker. Other times he's nice to Usagi and gives him a sunny hug... but often you can see his POWER in his clenched teeth. At one point today Usagi's ribbon came off his neck and it surprised Timo, who handed him back to me with a great "what happened?" face.

I'm so tall the camera can't get my whole head! (Thinking: what shall I do to Usagi next?) I baptize thee with the stuffed platypus...

I'm so fast the camera can't catch me! If properly persuaded, I love hugging Usagi!  Naw, I love hugging everybody freely!

Some of his faces are hard to interpret... give your own captions! Fuzzy pictures capture his essence so well sometimes! Lately he enjoys charging at us -- and then when we stick out our hand (or head) to push him back, he LOVES that! Funny boy.

May God (the author of funny babies) bless you in His love!
Ramone, Yoko & Timothy


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