Fulfilled in Jesus

Our pilgrimage with our Beloved in Japan -- Yoko & Ramone on the journey with Jesus!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Today I am blessed in the heavenly realms
With every blessing in Jesus
Today I have fellowship in the arms of God
Life in the sufferings of the Cross

Today You speak to me and I hear Your voice
Soft, my heart beholds Your work done
And by faith believing in Your grace alone
Today I am saved and Your own

Today in the Holy of Holies I bow
Brought here by Your hand and Your blood
Today is the day of Your salvation, Lord
Today I stand saved by Your love

Today I rejoice in that day that You made
When our Capstone was placed on His throne
Today I do rest in the Sabbath-fulfilled
True Eden, in You I am home

Today as You live in me drawing me near
You bid me listen to Your heart
Today I hearken, Your every word to hear
I seek Your face as I draw near

Today I give thanks and today I will serve
My life is my offering to make
Today I lay down my life just for You, Lord
For in love You gave Yours for my sake


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