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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Talk With Me Lord

Talk with me, Lord, Yourself reveal
Here as I live and move
Speak to my heart and let me feel
The burning of Your love

With You conversing I forget
All time and toil and care
Labor is rest and pain is sweet
If You, my God, are here

Here then, my God, graciously stay
And make my heart rejoice
My bounding heart with Yours will sway
As I hear Your sweet voice

You call me, Lord, to seek Your face
'Tis all I wish to seek
To attend the whispers of Your grace
And hear You in me speak

Let this my every hour employ
Till I Your glory see
Enter into my Master's joy
And find my heaven in You


The words of this song are from a Charles Wesley hymn, "Talk With Us, Lord". When I first read it I was melted and shocked by its intimacy and adoring love of Jesus which touches that deep part already in me that wants to touch Him and love Him. However, the old English is a bit difficult for me to "sing with understanding", and I think would be for most others these days. So I've reworked the old English, changed a few words to make it more direct, and shamelessly personalized it. Because I love You, Lord!


  • At March 27, 2008 6:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Really nice Ramone, very nice indeed! I liked it alot and will look forward to hearing more. Love you, Mom


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