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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Higher Law

"A Better Law"

Beyond the letter, more glorious than stone
A righteousness that is not my own
A love everlasting, a holy flame
Purchased and saved me by His name

Forever I'll stand
In awe, love and thanks
of Your law that set me free


Mercy has triumphed over judgment for me
Your word and blood have washed me clean
Holy, pure and Spotless One
You took my place, gave me grace and love!

Forever I'll stand
In awe, love and thanks
of Your law that set me free

Lord I love You
I give You praise
In all of my life
Lord, have Your way!
Higher law of liberty
Holy Spirit, reign in me!


You free me from fear and You free me from sin
You guide me safely by Your Spirit within
You revive my soul and give light to my eyes
You're joy to my heart, Law of the Spirit of life

So send me forth, Lord, as You command me
Fill me with Your love for my enemies
Unveil my heart, Lord, to see through Your eyes
To love all the nations for whom You died


The picture is of us all (the bride) coming to freedom in the Spirit at the cross. I saw it after writing this song about how the cross has shown us God's "higher law" -- a law that is beyond the old written code. Many things in the old written code are still good, but through His Son's death for us we have seen, tasted, and been called into something far more surpassingly beautiful, moral, loving, secure, and life-giving. A holy love that triumphs over all our sin and death! This song is what I wrote in praise and thanks! Thank You, Lord!


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