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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Higher Law

"A Better Law"

Beyond the letter, more glorious than stone
A righteousness that is not my own
A love everlasting, a holy flame
Purchased and saved me by His name

Forever I'll stand
In awe, love and thanks
of Your law that set me free


Mercy has triumphed over judgment for me
Your word and blood have washed me clean
Holy, pure and Spotless One
You took my place, gave me grace and love!

Forever I'll stand
In awe, love and thanks
of Your law that set me free

Lord I love You
I give You praise
In all of my life
Lord, have Your way!
Higher law of liberty
Holy Spirit, reign in me!


You free me from fear and You free me from sin
You guide me safely by Your Spirit within
You revive my soul and give light to my eyes
You're joy to my heart, Law of the Spirit of life

So send me forth, Lord, as You command me
Fill me with Your love for my enemies
Unveil my heart, Lord, to see through Your eyes
To love all the nations for whom You died


The picture is of us all (the bride) coming to freedom in the Spirit at the cross. I saw it after writing this song about how the cross has shown us God's "higher law" -- a law that is beyond the old written code. Many things in the old written code are still good, but through His Son's death for us we have seen, tasted, and been called into something far more surpassingly beautiful, moral, loving, secure, and life-giving. A holy love that triumphs over all our sin and death! This song is what I wrote in praise and thanks! Thank You, Lord!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Timo the Artist

Yoko was writing something and Timo wanted to try... turned into his first art which, alas, I have not photographed. But I dare say he enjoyed it. Hehe.


Post-Script - June 4, 2008

As I was putting captions to the "pictures of us" on the Art for Jesus blog, I thought of putting in the words of delight from Proverbs 8 for this picture. As I did that, I began to really think about that! I used the words to refer to Timothy's delight here, but as I think of his innocent, childlike joy, I remember what God taught me about this awhile ago... that Timothy's pure love, pure joy, is a picture, a taste of His pure love, His pure joy, the pure love and joy that He has!

The whole passage from Proverbs 8 reads:
I was appointed from eternity,
from the beginning, before the world began.
When there were no oceans, I was given birth,
when there were no springs abounding with water;
before the mountains were settled in place,
before the hills, I was given birth,
before he made the earth or its fields
or any of the dust of the world.

I was there when He set the heavens in place,
when He marked out the horizon on the face of the deep,
when He established the clouds above
and fixed securely the fountains of the deep,
when He gave the sea its boundary
so the waters would not overstep His command,
and when He marked out the foundations of the earth.

Then I was the craftsman at His side.
I was filled with delight day after day,
rejoicing always in His presence,
rejoicing in his whole world
and delighting in mankind.
Now I begin to think about His joy, Jesus' joy in Father's presence, His joy in creation, His joy in us! Seeing Timothy sooooo happy at making some pencil marks, somehow I get just a taste of His joy and His love in us, with Father, and in creation. But oh what a powerful taste, to see a child's joy!

I adapted the last part to read for Timothy:
I was filled with delight,
an artist at His side,
rejoicing in His whole world
and in my family!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Timo!

I can't believe it's been a whole year already! But Timothy is a year old, and if you want to see some of the insanity of his birthday week, click the picture below to see EIGHTY-ONE pictures of his crazy cuteness.

Timo's Birthday March 20, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Surrender All

All to Jesus, I surrender
All to You I freely give
I will ever love and trust You
In Your presence daily live

I surrender all
I surrender all
All to You, my blessèd Savior
I surrender all

All for me Jesus surrendered
On Yourself You took my shame
On Your nail-scarred hands forever
Lovingly You wrote my name

You surrendered all
You surrendered all
All for me, my blessèd Savior
You surrendred all


This is an adaption of the beautiful hymn by Judson W. VanDeventer. I wrote the second verse when overwhelmed at how much He has loved us and how He has surrendered everything for us!

Yeshua, Shabbat Shalom

Shabbat shalom, Shabbat shalom
Moshiach Yeshua, Shabbat shalom
Shabbat shalom, Shabbat shalom
Moshiach Yeshua, Shabbat shalom

Yeshua, Yeshua
Shabbat, Shabbat shalom
Yeshua, Yeshua
Shabbat, Shabbat shalom

Shabbat shalom, Shabbat shalom
Moshiach Yeshua, Shabbat shalom


Shabbat shalom, Shabbat shalom
Moshiach Yeshua has brought shalom
Shabbat shalom, Shabbat shalom
Moshiach Yeshua has brought shalom

Yeshua, Yeshua
Yeshua brought shalom
Yeshua, Yeshua
Yeshua brought shalom

Shabbat shalom, Shabbat shalom
Moshiach Yeshua has brought shalom


Shabbat shalom, Shabbat shalom
Moshiach Yeshua is my shalom
Shabbat shalom, Shabbat shalom
Moshiach Yeshua is my shalom

Yeshua, Yeshua
Yeshua my shalom
Yeshua, Yeshua
Yeshua my shalom

Shabbat shalom, Shabbat shalom
Moshiach Yeshua is my shalom


Once when I was holding my infant son and singing him to sleep, I wanted to worship God and wanted to sing that "Shabbat shalom" song, but I just couldn't sing it... it was like trying to make a "holy day" special but was my own effort. It was too much mental gymnastics to celebrate something that was in the past. As I realized that and prayed about it, new words came and I could worship Him in the fulfillment, in the life and light! We live in the Sabbath-rest today, we live in the fulfillment, we live in Jesus! Bless you in His peace today!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Response to Adventist Today (short)

In spring 2007, I wrote an article about the Adventist "family altar" which I posted here and which also was put into Proclamation! Magazine (in shortened form) in the May/June issue. Dennis Hokama of "Adventist Today" magazine referenced much of the article and attempted to refute what I had asserted. The following letter is what I sent to Adventist Today in response to Hokama. The editor printed only the first paragraph due to space constraints. This is the complete letter:

I want to thank Dennis Hokama for his sincere, lengthy attempt to faithfully reproduce the argument of my "family altar" article in Proclamation! magazine. However, I wish Hokama and Pastor Newman would have extended the same courteous effort to the scholarly writings of Dale Raztlaff. Newman accused Proclamation! of taking quotes out of context, but did not give Ratzlaff or his Biblical studies so much as one quote or any representation before brushing them off. Was I an easier target, I wonder?

Nonetheless, in response to Hokama's rebuttal, I searched the Ellen White database online for "justification by faith" and could not find it in her writings until 1883 at the earliest. More disturbing than the lack of this fundamental Biblical truth, however, are the many words and beliefs of the early Adventists which clearly subvert it. Indeed, from the very outset after 1844, the pioneers sought more that justification by faith because they believed churches who did not teach the Adventist distinctives were lost. Thus Christianity's gospel was insufficient to save, so they sought a different gospel. What kind of opportunity could this give deceiving spirits to answer with another gospel, even spoken by "angels"? (See Galatians 1). Is it then no wonder that beliefs which completely subverted justification by faith (such as the Investigative Judgment) were arrived at?

Although Hokama's asserted that evangelical Christianity is just as diverse as Adventism, is there anything like the Investigative Judgment to be found in evangelical Christianity which so completely undermines justification by faith? To suggest that this and other anti-gospel doctrines of the pioneers were somehow what God intended makes God sound like the author of confusion and the creator of heresy. Once again an Adventist apologist unintentionally diminishes God in order to avoid admitting Adventism's mistake from the beginning. I wish Hokama had noticed that the two most obvious fruits of the "family altar" are the inability to throw it away and the inability to declare it as being false.

Our forefathers dug their pit deeper and deeper to cover up and avoid admitting their mistake, and our apologists today still keep digging and diminishing God and His Word in order to preserve the "heritage". Is this not an unnecessary burden? Is not God's Word alone freedom for our souls? Is not God crying out, "Let go and be free!" and longing for us to let go of our pride so that we may come to rest in His righteousness alone?

Ramone Romero
Osaka, Japan
January 29, 2008

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Song of Intercession

My heart cries out
Holy Spirit intercede
For the one(s) needing You
In Jesus' name

Holy Spirit intercede
Angels intercede
Jesus intercede

Darkness flee—in Jesus' name
We bind you—in Jesus' name

Father, by Your heart
We intercede
Declare Your victory


Today I am blessed in the heavenly realms
With every blessing in Jesus
Today I have fellowship in the arms of God
Life in the sufferings of the Cross

Today You speak to me and I hear Your voice
Soft, my heart beholds Your work done
And by faith believing in Your grace alone
Today I am saved and Your own

Today in the Holy of Holies I bow
Brought here by Your hand and Your blood
Today is the day of Your salvation, Lord
Today I stand saved by Your love

Today I rejoice in that day that You made
When our Capstone was placed on His throne
Today I do rest in the Sabbath-fulfilled
True Eden, in You I am home

Today as You live in me drawing me near
You bid me listen to Your heart
Today I hearken, Your every word to hear
I seek Your face as I draw near

Today I give thanks and today I will serve
My life is my offering to make
Today I lay down my life just for You, Lord
For in love You gave Yours for my sake

Your Blood

I'm broken because Your blood is my life
And I realize blood should stay inside
But Your blood came to me so unnaturally
Poured out in pain, through violence and shame

How can I sing, how can I speak
of Your blood so easily?
I look upon You, You whom I pierced
And I just glimpse Father's grief
Broken, I accept that this was for me
And I'm alive eternally
Because Your blood was spilled for me
Because Your blood was spilled for me

I will be grateful, I will live in Your joy
In the gift that You've given me
That You gave to me for free
But let me mourn for You, Lord
'Cause for You it was not free
Unlock my heart to see You
Give me grace to weep


Passion for those who did not love You
Forgiveness for those who crucified You
Grace and mercy we did not deserve
Love more powerful than death and the grave

Hallelu Yah, agape You gave
Hallelu Yah, You are agape
Agape—not that we loved You
Agape—but You first loved us
Agape—for You gave Your Son
Agape—because God is love

Hallelu Yah, Jesus Christ You gave
Hallelu Yah, You are agape
Hallelu Yah, forever we'll cry
Hallelu Yah, God is love on high

I Bless Your Heart

I bless Your heart
I bless Your name
All I have within me I give You

Take my whole life
'Cause all I want
All I want is to bless You, my Lord

Be blessed now, Lord
I'm here to wait
Wait on You and bless Your heart
I stop myself
To hear You now
Share Your heart and who You are

Talk With Me Lord

Talk with me, Lord, Yourself reveal
Here as I live and move
Speak to my heart and let me feel
The burning of Your love

With You conversing I forget
All time and toil and care
Labor is rest and pain is sweet
If You, my God, are here

Here then, my God, graciously stay
And make my heart rejoice
My bounding heart with Yours will sway
As I hear Your sweet voice

You call me, Lord, to seek Your face
'Tis all I wish to seek
To attend the whispers of Your grace
And hear You in me speak

Let this my every hour employ
Till I Your glory see
Enter into my Master's joy
And find my heaven in You


The words of this song are from a Charles Wesley hymn, "Talk With Us, Lord". When I first read it I was melted and shocked by its intimacy and adoring love of Jesus which touches that deep part already in me that wants to touch Him and love Him. However, the old English is a bit difficult for me to "sing with understanding", and I think would be for most others these days. So I've reworked the old English, changed a few words to make it more direct, and shamelessly personalized it. Because I love You, Lord!