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Friday, February 29, 2008


Lord, this blog is for You. These are songs You've given me (maybe even poems) that You've birthed in my heart. Not all are perfect, and I'm shy about some of them. But I want to bless Your heart, Lord. And You said that I do bless Your heart. Thank You. I remember that today! Jesus, I love You, and though my songs may fade away, my love for You is undying because You have given me eternal life and I will not die but will live in You and with You forever. So these little bits of love I give to You now will not be forgotten. I may forget them, the world may never know them. And that's okay, Jesus, because they're for You. Thank You, and may they touch Your heart today. In Your name, Jesus, amen.

P.S. Jesus, You said that as we gathered together in Your name, You would be among us and that You would make Your Father known, Your Spirit known in us, and that You would sing praises to Your Father in our midst! Lord, I want to hear Your song(s) of praise to Your Daddy!

P.P.S. Thank You for singing Your song of love over me, Daddy! Thank You for rejoicing over me with Your singing and quieting me in Your love!


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