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Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Pictures... FINALLY!

Well, it's been a short ice age since I've put up pictures of our fast-growing baby. One friend visited here a few months ago and--having seen only the old online pictures--saw Timothy sitting upright and said, "I expected to see a baby!"

Now he's trying to stand. Everyone says this stage is really fast... they start walking soon. He's becoming good at standing very fast, but his only trouble is that he's not quite so confident getting back down yet! So once he stands, he's kind of stuck until he falls by accident or we move him. He's stood that way for more than ten minutes more than a few times!

We've got him on mostly solid food & bottle now. Today, by the way, he is 10 months old! So we're hoping to wean him off breastfeeding by the time he's a year old. Recently he's moved to eating solid food three times a day, usually at the same time we eat (otherwise he sits there and licks his lips while watching us eat). Here you can see some of his full-tummy happiness. And below some of his playfulness...

The first picture he is actually not playing peek-a-boo. Instead he's either sleepy or smacking himself in the head. Sometimes he hits his head with his right hand. Go figure. The second picture is Yoko & him playing & clapping at Mister Donut. I was probably making some strange joker-like face at him in order to get the picture. Our cellphones have a focusing delay so it's difficult to get pictures of him because he moves so fast! (Oh yeah, all these pictures are from my cellphone this time.)

He's started enjoying mirrors... this one is also at Mister Donut, which, by the way, I like better than Crispy Creme. But maybe not better than Dunkin' Donuts, because they don't have powdered donuts here nor do they have jelly-filled. But Crispy Creme is too sugary, I think. So there. (^_^)


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