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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Leaving the Hospital

In Japan it is normal to stay in the hospital with the newborn baby for a week, so that's what Yoko & Timothy did. I stayed at home all by my lonesome and scrambled over to the hospital as often as I could. Since I had a lot of leftover paid vacation days, it worked out perfect at work.

This picture is from Day 3...

Note that he is still nicely asleep...

Now, four months later, it's hard to believe how small he was back then! Since you're with him everyday, you don't notice the difference in how much he's grown really. But he used to be this big...

The orange wasn't that good.

Yoko's father and I were putting all the things into the car, and Yoko met us in the lobby holding Timothy. I nearly cried. (^_^) After all the delicate carefulness that we'd treated him with during that first week, seeing her holding "no strings attached" made me kind of think, "Is this okay?" It was fun.


Baby's first ride in the car seat...

He's outgrown these clothes, of course.


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