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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Sabbath of Your Love (for all Your people won!)

Last month I wrote about a hymn by Charles Wesley which I found a new tune for, and a chorus I was able to insert into it. I did a minor revision on it, but wanted to explain it because it's beautiful.

The original first and second line read:

"Lord, I believe a rest remains
To all Your people known"

I wondered what Wesley was getting at with the line, "to all Your people known"... perhaps it is that all God's people know this Sabbath-rest from sin & works in Jesus? But, oh, how I wish that were true! I truly wish that all people knew about His Sabbatismos, the rest in Jesus Christ! But sadly when people hear the word "Sabbath" they usually think of a day instead of being secure in Christ's love and in His salvation.

Not being sure what the line meant (I realized I was unsure when I tried to explain it to my wife), I wondered if something else could come of it. Bending the rhyme a little, something came which makes my heart teary in Him:

"Lord, I believe a rest remains
For all Your people won"

Yes! He has won this rest for us all in His finished work! We don't all know how complete His work is, that our works are finished in Him -- He has done everything necessary for our salvation. He has given us rest -- but not all know this rest yet. Yet He has nevertheless won it for us all. He has brought us home in His love. Lord, I pray that we will all come to know this rest in You!

It can be re-worded to keep the rhyme:

"Lord, I believe a rest remains
You won for all Your own"

The Sabbath of Your Love (revised)
Lord, I believe a rest remains
You won for all Your own
A rest where pure enjoyment reigns
And You are loved alone

A rest where all my soul's desire
Is fixed on things above (is fixed on You above!)
Where fear, and sin, and grief expire
Cast out by perfect love

Oh! I need Your rest
Jesus, You are my rest
Because of Your blood
I'm in the Sabbath of Your love

Oh, that I now the rest might know
Believe, and enter in
Now, Savior, now the the power bestow
And let me cease from sin

Remove this hardness from my heart
This unbelief remove
To me the rest of faith impart
The Sabbath of Your love


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