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Friday, May 25, 2007

The Sabbath of Your Love

Resting in Eden - June 9, 2007

Recently I re-visited the old hymn "Lord I Believe a Rest Remains" written by Charles Wesley around 1740. The tune on the CyberHymnal was difficult for me to sing with it, so I began praying for help to write a new tune. As I did that, a new chorus came out of it, and the "Thees" and "Thous" changed to the more personal "You" and "Your"...
Lord, I believe a rest remains
You won for all Your own*
A rest where pure enjoyment reigns
And You are loved alone

A rest where all our soul's desire
Is fixed on things above (is fixed on You above!)
Where fear, and sin, and grief expire
Cast out by perfect love

Oh! I need Your rest
Jesus, You are my rest
Because of Your blood
I'm in the Sabbath of Your love

Oh, that I now the rest might know
Believe, and enter in
Now, Savior, now the the power bestow
And let me cease from sin

Remove this hardness from my heart
This unbelief remove
To me the rest of faith impart
The Sabbath of Your love

As I finished writing and went to bed, I became overwhelmed with the truth of His Sabbath-rest -- Jesus, You are my Sabbath-rest!! I scribbled in tears:
Jesus, this rocks me. You rock me. I only half know what I'm writing about or composing here! Your rest means so much to me, Lord! As I worshiped here at the end, it started to hit me ---- You started to hit me! You really ARE my rest! My complete rest! You're my rest from sinning! I can't believe it Jesus! But yes and Hallelu Jesus, Hallelu Yahweh! I am completely safe in You, safe in Your love, Jesus! Thank You. Please never stop rocking me with this night & day, Jesus. And rock others! Many! In Your name of love and rest, Jesus, AMEN! So be it!

P.S. (A couple days later) Jesus! You are my complete rest! You really are! It makes me want to cry. Thank You so much, Jesus, for giving me rest, for giving me Yourself, for being my rest. Thank You.


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