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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Letter to a Bookstore

Last month my wife and I noticed an Ellen White book in a Christian bookstore here in Osaka, and I felt compelled to write a letter to the bookstore. I'll post the Japanese translation soon. I never thought I would write a letter like this, but I care too much about my former family to say nothing. Blessings in His love. -RR (4/10/2007)

March 16, 2007

Dear ----,

My name is Ramone Romero and I'm writing to you out of concern about a book by Ellen G. White which I saw in your store the other day. The author of the book is the prophet of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) church.

I was raised from birth and educated as a Seventh-day Adventist, and I served as a missionary for the SDA church in Osaka from August 1999 to August 2000. However in 2002 I left the SDA church and became Christian.

But aren't Seventh-day Adventists Christians? Yes and no. On the surface there are many common beliefs between Adventism and Christianity, but Adventism has core beliefs which confuse the Gospel. In Protestant Christianity we know we are saved by Christ's righteousness and by His finished work. But in Adventism this knowledge is not clear. Instead—through Ellen White's writings—Adventists learn that they are saved by faith plus works. Mrs. White taught that we must become perfect to enter heaven, and that perfection means we must keep the Ten Commandments perfectly, especially the 4th — the seventh-day Sabbath.

Although Paul wrote that the Sabbath was "a shadow" and not the reality (rather, Christ is the reality), Mrs. White and the Adventist founders claimed that churches who worship on Sunday will eventually have "the mark of the beast" and will persecute Adventists. Mrs. White frequently referred to Christian churches that worshiped on Sunday as "apostate churches" and "Babylon". She claimed that God showed her in a vision that these churches did not worship Christ, but instead they worshiped the sun, Satan, or Satan disguised as Christ.

I grew up in Adventism believing these things, and under the heavy burden of legalism that is often so common in Adventist churches. We were taught that we needed to do the right things, worship on the right day, and eat the right food — or else we would be putting our salvation at risk.

I understand that the book I saw on the shelf at your store may not contain all of the things I have spoken of here. Since the 1950s Adventists have been trying to gain acceptance from mainstream Christian churches. To do this, they have put forward their "best parts" and kept the more questionable parts in the background. Certain books by Mrs. White which contain less of her anti-Christian teachings are preferred, while other books which contain less of these teachings are kept silently in the back. Yet her anti-Christian teachings still an important part of the church. If you want to join the Adventist church, you must learn a few of these teachings. And if you browse the library at any SDA church, you will find these teachings. More zealous Adventists know these things very well.

Adventism is based on these things, and Adventism aims its evangelism not only towards non-Christians, but also towards Christians. In other words, being Christian is not good enough — Adventists are taught to evangelize Christians and make them become Adventist.

I am writing this letter not only out of concern for any innocent Christian who might pick up Ellen White books in your stores. My heart is actually more concerned about Adventists themselves. You see, I still love them. I want them to experience rest from their works in Jesus Christ. I want them to know the freedom of trusting the Bible alone, not the Bible plus Ellen White. I want them to know that they are saved by His work, not by their own perfection.

Many liberal or "progressive" Adventists are trying to make SDA appear like it is just a normal Christian denomination. But they are unable to let go of Ellen White and her anti-Christian teachings. These things are built into the foundation of Adventism. As a result Adventist children & converts grow up confused about law, grace, and almost completely unaware of the New Covenant. This is true even in liberal/progressive Adventist groups.

I agonize and pray for them, I pray they will be free from confusion. They need to know that Ellen White's writings are not Christian because they go against basic Christian beliefs. They need to let go of Ellen White and trust in the Bible alone.

I pray that in light of what I've shared here, you will consider refusing to put Ellen White books in your store.

Please contact me if you have any questions. You may also contact one of the networks of former Adventists in the United States (many Adventist scholars, educators and members have been leaving the church in the last thirty years because they studied their Bibles more carefully, and found that foundational Adventist doctrines were anti-Biblical).

Thank you and may God bless you.

Ramone Romero


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  • At May 02, 2007 1:39 AM, Anonymous Roseline said…

    Very brave!

    That passage speaks a lot in love and pain... I believe.

    What do you think about the call to observe Sabbath in Jerusalem movement?

  • At May 08, 2007 12:47 PM, Anonymous Ramone said…

    I haven't heard of it. However, any call to "observe" Sabbath is calling people to observe shadows instead of Christ, the substance. Or at best, shadows in addition to the Substance. Whatever the case, according to Scripture it is not necessary at all. However, if people choose to, it's not forbidden either. It's mainly important that it's not forced, and above all that they understand Who the Sabbath-rest is. I'm writing a bit about this on another blog:


  • At June 08, 2008 10:14 PM, Anonymous Dr. Valera said…

    We are called to be and do as Jesus did. (Did Jesus Observe the sabbath?)"I have come not to abolish the law but to fulfill it". The sabbath is a memorial to creation. In other words, to the fact that God, and not mere coincidence was our origin. The sole fact that people forget that God is their creator and believe obsolete theories of the origins of life makes people vagabonds without purpose."Remember (THE FIRST WORD OF THE FOURTH COMMANDMENT AND THE ONLY COMMANDMENT THAT USES REMEMBER)the sabbath day....". Setting apart the Day the Lord has chosen, separated, and respected himself brings us closer to our creator the Verb himself. The sabbath is a shadow of christ. Everything in the bible is a shadow behind the Lord Jesus. When you love Jesus you will want to be like him. To be like him is to do as he did in his life. And a small but important part of his life was obeying the 10 commandments (including the 4). Why is it so easy to accept thou shall not kill and so difficult to separate 1 diminutive day to stop everything and remember who created you?

  • At November 19, 2008 6:38 AM, Anonymous Martin said…

    Is it too late to write a comment or can I collaborate? :)

    Anyway, as a spanish christian I never thought that in English you had the same problem as us with "I have come not to abolish the law but to fulfill it".

    In spanish, in the most common Bible we have, the Reina-Valera edition of 1960, it says "No penséis que he venido para abrogar la ley o los profetas; no he venido para abrogar, sino para cumplir".

    The "fulfill" word in english is "cumplir" in the spanish... It could be literally translated as "to keep" or "to perform", for example.

    So you could understand that for years I thought that the meaning of the verse was that Jesus came to obey the law.

    However, when I read the english version for the first time... Wow! I was shocked! I got the meaning at first sight. I thought, how could it be possible that the meaning could be so different?

    I heard the wrong idea so many times, that I even used years ago when chatting with a friend who was a Jehova's Witness.

    One day I even looked at an Adventist Bible commentary, and there they somehow had the idea that Jesus was actually talking about Him being the "thing" that "completed" the Law, the "thing" that the Law was "talking about" all the time. Once He completed His job, then the Law would be fulfilled: it would have fulfilled its mission.

    At least that's how I understand it now. As you might have guessed I am related somehow with the SDA church... I'm still a member "on the paper", but I would say that not "in the spirit". And, well, at the moment I'm just trying to see where the Word takes me.


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