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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Revelation Study - Introduction

Note: I started a study on the Former Adventist Fellowship online forum on December 6, 2006, about the book of Revelation, however I put it in a locked area. I decided to re-post it here. I may edit it later.

Introduction >> Revelation 1 (Prologue)

Two threads ago I mentioned the idea of starting a Revelation Study here. I don't know how long I can keep it up (we'll be moving on the 16th... please pray for us!), but it's wonderful and while it lasts it can be wonderful. I almost want to call it "Revelation Devotional", because the process of worshiping Him and seeking His face is what I want to do here above all.

I don't want to get bogged down early with preliminaries, however I'll mention a few things:

1) I've put this in the "theology" area because it might spin all over the place and I don't want it to get bogged down with SDA ideas, but I do believe seeing a healthy Revelation study would be good for questioning Adventists to see.

2) The primary interpretor of the book of Revelation is the Gospel, the New Covenant

3) I'm not using any "system" of theology or interpretation (that I know of), and generally I tend to avoid referencing others' systems or extended theories. This is done not so much out of principle, but just because it makes me tired. I seem to only be able to handle Bible study with some things, and this is one of them, I guess.

4) Above all, let's pray and seek His face as we read this stuff! Honestly, He wants us to know Him, not a lot of information. He is our salvation—not knowing this or that stuff about what might or might not happen. That said, there are two lines repeated more than once in the book of Revelation which can aid us greatly: "This calls for a mind with wisdom" and "Let him who has ears hear what the Spirit says"—we won't won't understand any of these words unless we're in the Spirit. We can call for wisdom. Call for it! So let's stop, drop and pray!

I believe the book of Revelation is about Jesus, and that He's given it not to have us squabble over, but to know Him better through and to worship Him in response to.

So yes, Lord, this is all about You, and it's all You. I want to share just a little bit of the little You've helped me and a few friends understand, I pray that this will be worship and devotion, and that we will all be filled with Your heart. Bless You, Lord, bless Your name and Your heart.


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