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Monday, August 07, 2006

"Sabbath of Thy Love"

By Ramone - February 11, 2006

Originally I sketched this on February 5th after being assaulted by some private temptation. As I sought the Lord for help, I suddenly realized I was seeking Him for rest. He gave me rest in Him, and I saw or felt this picture.

Remember playing games of "tag" when you were young? Sometimes there was a "safe" base or place. Maybe it was a telephone pole, for example. As long as you touched the pole, you were safe. This picture is kind of like that. I realized Jesus is my Sabbath rest, He's the "pole" I touch----but not just touch, I rest there against Him always and never leave!

Growing up, "Sabbath" to me was something that was temporary, one day a week; it also was not real rest, because we were all busy trying to keep it the "right" way or trying to focus on God. We didn't know that the Sabbath day of the Old Covenant was a shadow of resting in Jesus.

That night as I was tempted and I rested against Jesus, I realized that His love brings me true rest, real rest! And suddenly "Sabbath" became a beautiful word to me because of His love!

On the back of the original sketch of this picture I wrote the words this hymn.


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