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Monday, May 01, 2006

Hebrews 3-4 summary (short)

"Come to Me & I'll give you rest" (Mt11)


God offered them rest... no, not a day of the week (they obeyed that for 40 years and even obeyed it into Canaan). It wasn't Caanan, either, for that too they entered but not "His rest". They couldn't enter His rest because of unbelief.

Belief in Him, this is the way to His rest. Just like He rested at the beginning, by believing we rest in Him -- we rest on Him. We rest from all our hard works, our struggles, our unbelief! We find He is our place of rest. This is the true Sabbath-rest, of which the Sabbath day could only foreshadow.

We rest because He sees & searches all, even to the deepest of our dark hearts, and yet we have Him as our High Priest, interceding for us! He sympathizies with us!

He offers & gives us rest! How we needed it, how we needed Him!


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