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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Twice and Happy!

Michi: It was fun! The bond between brothers & sisters...! It must be cool to have two brothers and sisters.

Yoko: The first time I thought Edmund was just a younger brother, but today I felt that he had great courage to do something he believes in. Sometimes it looks careless and dangerous, but his older brother helped him and Aslan helped him. So I thought Edmund was really cool this time. And I liked the Fox again. And of course Aslan was cool. I really felt when they were about to fight, that there will be a time for us to decide which to stand for firmly, and if we stand on who we really believe, there will be no fear.

Ramone: I don't know what to say! It was great. I can't say it wasn't a spiritual experience. There are lots of people who look for "this represents this", but I was talking with Jesus, and He let me have a good time there, and I'm happy to be with Him. I try not to read too much into it, but it stirs something inside.

I noted that Aslan picked the Stone Table as the place to meet ahead of time. Why did He do this? Because He knew what was going to happen. The Witch stood as the accuser (Satan means "Accuser" in Hebrew), and Aslan knew it was time to "overturn death". As the first to do that, He then breathed that life into all of the Narnians who had been killed in stone.

Aren't we all likewise frozen in stone, frozen by the accuser who knows we couldn't keep what was written on the Tablets? Didn't He come specifically to satisfy the Law and break its hold over us? And then having been resurrected, He has breathed His new life into us, Life, that has overcome death.

Jesus! Kudos to Your kid, Lewis. Kudos to You. In the books he says that Your breath -- when You breathe on us -- fills us and gives us freshness and courage. Kudos to those who made the movie, for I feel that courage enter me. My King has risen!


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