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Our pilgrimage with our Beloved in Japan -- Yoko & Ramone on the journey with Jesus!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

To Jesus

Jesus, You've done so much for me; You've done everything. There's nothing left for me to do except rest in You and from there, do what You've already prepared. You're awesome.

Your rest is so big. You are so much bigger than I can know and see. How I need You today, Jesus! In all my stuff, in all my things! Inside me is You, and You are Eden. Yet so often I live as if what I see is the real world. Help me rest in You and live in Eden once more, Jesus.

Jesus, I love You so much. I want to share here thoughts about Your rest, about resting in You, about that word "Sabbath-rest" that really captures the beautiful essence of resting wholly in what You have done for us on the Cross. Help me do that, Lord. Or rather, help me enter and lay in Your rest, and write from there and nowhere else, Jesus.

Thank You again. Amen.


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