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Saturday, April 01, 2006


Jesus is alive and well, living in His people in Japan, and living in many who don't know it's Him yet.

Here I've collected a few stories of Jesus otaku (Jesus freaks) in Japan's history. If you read much Japanese history, you might get the impression that Christianity was wiped out here, but it isn't true. Or if you read church numbers, you'll hear that less than 1% of the nation is Christian. But what does it matter? Jesus is here!

In 2004 I learned that my father's family is Mexican. Somehow I didn't specifically know that growing up. My own family was divorced, my father's family had lots of fights, and somehow I never heard where we came from. Now that I've found out and I want to know more!

Coming to discover Japanese people who've met Jesus is very similar for me. These are people who have met the same Guy that you and I know, people who've stepped into the wardrobe. There are so many more that I haven't heard of, but I think their stories need to be told. Many Japanese Christians don't know their land is a land of faith and martyrs, and that they're not the first to take the bold step of giving their lives to Jesus. In a word, these people are my family, and they are yours, too.

Each one is a letter from Christ, as Paul said; God spoke to them, and through their lives with Him, God can speak to us. As I run across more stories, I'll post them up irregularly, and I'll begin to add my own prayers and wonderings to them. Why? Because I want to talk to God and hear what He's telling me in my life through discovering their lives and His hand in their lives.

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  • At April 19, 2006 9:28 AM, Anonymous Kamsin said…

    Hey Ramone! Just wanted to say I've been checking out your blog from time to time and found it again a little while ago. I've enjoyed reading back over some of your posts. It's encouraging to read about your heart for Japan. So, I'm trying to get more into this blogging thing, so I figured I'd put add link back to your blog, if that's OK with you.
    Are you linked in with a church/ fellowship in Osaka these days? How about COP? That still running? Anyway, God bless.


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