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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Our new art page!

Hi family in Jesus!

Recently I looked at a wonderful page by a sister who was filled with God's heart, and had translated it into art, and the Holy Spirit's handwriting was all over it! I was inspired so much that I finally decided to get back into art. But it's not like before. There may be no future job in it, but it's for God now, and from God. He's really cool. So I went out and bought some necessary stuff, and not only did I get into it, but Yoko got into it, too!

We put up a little blog page here to show what His heart has done in us, shown us, and what He Himself is for us! -- http://art-for-jesus.blogspot.com/ -- Right now there are only thumbnail-size pictures and you can't see a lot. We'll take bigger pictures with a digital camera when we get the time. I was going to wait until then to tell you all about the page and what we're doing, but today we did two more pictures and I realized I need to write about them sooner rather than later.

Something my friend Gwen helped me realize was that the story is more important than the technique. When God gives you something, the way He does it through you and the way He shows it to you is important. He's teaching us and speaking to us in His ways. The meaning of the picture is more important than the picture, if you know what I mean! So like she did on her page, I wanted to write about the pictures. So far I've only written about two of them -- one is pretty long, sorry!...they'll usually just be short blurbs.

Our stuff is really simple right now, and that's okay and we won't be embarassed in Him, haha! He's given us many smiles as we've done this and as we spend time with Him understanding it. I pray you're blessed! If you'd like to comment, please do! At the bottom of each post there will be a place you can leave comments (you can click "anonymous" but please sign your name in the comment so I can know who you are and send you some love!).

In His heart of love,
Ramone (and Yoko)

P.S. So far I only have written the stories behind the two most recent pictures, but others will follow, and I won't update here or by email, so you'll have to check back every now and then, haha. Love ya!


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