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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Gunpei Yamamuro

By Ramone - May 14, 2005

This is a picture I sketched gesture style before eating at a Chinese restaurant with Yoko and Michi. Gunpei Yamamuro was a colonel, I believe, in the Salvation Army in Japan about 100 years ago. He had a great heart for the poor.

He himself knew poverty and was only able to study at a Christian university in Kyoto (Doshisha) because a senior student helped him. The senior student had been reading 1st Corinthians 13 and wanting to live for God. God showed him the poor & hungry Yamamuro and said, "Help this young man, that is the way to translate that chapter into life." From that time onward, the benefactor himself often went hungry so he could help Yamamuro, and later he began helping other students, as well.

Yamamuro's heart for the poor grew so much that left his theological studies early because he couldn't wait to help. He knew firsthand what it meant to go without food. When the Salvation Army came to Japan, he went to see how he could help. At first, the only job they had available for him was collecting dirty geta (traditional Japanese wooden clogs) at the door. From that humble beginning Yamamuro was able to help many in Japan. He was able to speak to common & poor people to help them understand the Gospel, which they often mistakenly thought was too difficult for them. I'm reading his simple book now, "The Common People's Gospel", in English.


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