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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


"A History of Christianity in Japan: Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Protestant Missions" by Otis Cary, D.D. First edition 1909; Copyright in Japan, 1976, by Charles E Tuttle Company.

My good friend Matthew Shores has lent this great book to me.

Otis Cary's Dedication:

To all, of whatsoever church or nation, who with love
for the Lord Jesus Christ are trying to give His Gospel
to Japan, I dedicate this book.

Differing as we do upon so many points, it is easy for
us to see what we deem defects in one another's belief
and practice; but if He to whose pure eyes all men
must seem so imperfect "is not ashamed to call them
brethren" whom He is sanctifying, let us not withhold
the name from any that love and follow Him.

May He prosper our work so far as it is in accord with
His truth.

May He overrule our mistakes.

May His Kingdom come to Japan.

May He grant that we, whose notes have now too much
of discord, may all at last find ourselves in harmony as
we join with the ten thousand times ten thousand and
the thousands of thousands in singing:

"Worthy is the Lamb that hath been slain to receive the
power, and riches, and wisdom, and might, and honour,
and glory, and blessing."


“Japan On The Upward Trail” by William Axling. Copyright, 1923, by Missionary education Movement of the United States and Canada (New York). Once owned by the New England Baptist Library, Ford Building, Boston (Accession Date: 8-20-1950).

I picked this up (as mentioned in the introduction) at the used book section of the Osaka Christian bookstore (not Life Center) and paid 1000yen for it. It's very old, and it was a blessing from God to find it.


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