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Monday, January 10, 2005

Happy New Year - Nengajou!

Happy New Year! Yes, I know it's late, it's January 10th. But we had to give the post office time. But now their time is up! No more excuses! Now we can tell you that prior to our relaxing, Chinese-food-filled evening at a friend's place, Yoko and I were busy scribbling addresses and stamps, making nengajous. And if the post office failed to deliver, then call the ninjas.

What's a nengajou? Simply put, the Japanese have a tradition of sending new year's greetings to family, friends and acquaintances. This has evolved into the "nengajou" ... not a "card" in the sense of a Christmas card or a Get Well card. Instead, it's really just a postcard. You can put just about anything you want on the front. There are perfectly acceptable cards you can buy at convenience stores, with traditional pictures, drawings, or writings on them. Others like to make their own, usually putting pictures of their kids on them. This year, for the first time, we opted to make our own. And having no kids, we decided to bore you all with pictures of us ourselves, hehehe.

Click for larger picture

All the pictures came from the camera on Yoko's keitai (cellphone). Two of them you may have seen before, if you looked at our Tottori adventure. Another you might recognize, which used to be in place of the cafe picture above my profile.

Anyhow, I thought I might have the fun of explaining the pictures. Of course, it might remove some of the mystery of guessing at them, and I did think of making a quiz about what they might possibly be, but I'm not as clever as this witty wacko. But hey, if you want to guess, you can skip to the comments and look later.

By the way, they're all in chronological order.

Top Row:

1 - The tail of our friend LuAnn's cat, Simba. Yoko and her sister Michi always marvel at how "cool" (kakkoii) Simba is. If she were a cat, Yoko says she would marry Simba.

2 - Yoko with a very friendly cat here in Abiko.

3 - A picture Yoko sent to show me her new haircut while I was in Arizona for my grandmother's funeral in late February.

4 - Well, don't you walk around while brushing your teeth? Or do you think that's disgusting and one needs to stay fixed at the bathroom sink? (Hey Kimi, try that for a poll!)

Middle Row:

1 - We rescued these two (Rakko & Jimbezo) from the Osaka City Aquarium the day before New Year's 2004. A few months into the year and they were like peas & carrots.

2 - I don't know why Yoko likes this picture of me with a custard-cream-filled donut from "Mister Donuts". Maybe because Jimbezo sneaked into the picture. He does that often.

3 - There's a great Hawaiian burger place at Namba Parks which has a great pineapple-burger (!) and some not-often-to-be-found-in-Japan onion rings. This one was bizarre.

4 - A good "family" photo when we wore our new "UNIQLO" yukatas for a summer fireworks festival in August.

Bottom Row:

1 - Gaijin frustrations. My feet were too big for the traditional "geta" sandals that Yoko's father lent me for the fireworks. Amazing, though, since his father made them out of one block of wood instead of attaching pieces to the bottom. I was honored, but had to wear the birkenstocks Roy and I got so long ago at Costco...

2 - Yoko and I at the smaller waterfall in Tottori at Dai-sen mountain. The bigger waterfall was beautiful but too far away for a good keitai picture.

3 - Yoko with "Chii-chan", a very friendly cat at Cookie Circus in Tottori. On the left are some sliding doors to the porch and flower garden. Chii-chan would sit on the porch and watch us through the windows while we ate. We would let the cats in, of course, after we finished. I think this picture was from the coffee/tea time we had after the evening bath, when we'd talk with the other guests, Otou-san & Okaa-san.

4 - It's fun when the lemon in the water is the same size as the rim of the glass! Yoko & Michi took me to a little "French cafe" two stops away on the subway for my birthday in November. Their steak was nice. (^_^)

And that's the end! Hope you enjoyed!


  • At January 15, 2005 12:34 AM, Blogger http://kimi.puen.net said…

    the poll is now up and running!

    thanks for the suggestion =) i'm assuming this is an ongoing discussion between the two of you - which way do you vote? =)

  • At February 03, 2005 11:25 PM, Blogger Ramone said…

    Well, I know this is an old post, but...

    Tonight Yoko and I had coffee with my old student and boss, Matoba-san, as well as his lovely family. They thanked us for sending the nengajou, and his wife said they liked the toothbrush picture. I recall my friend Mike Herke said he liked the "geta" shoe picture the best (gaijin frustrations!).

    So I thought it was fun to see which picture different folks liked best. If you wander in here, drop a quick comment with your name and which picture you thought was coolest. (^_^) Thanks! We get a kick out of it!


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