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Monday, January 17, 2005

Fulfilled in Jesus - the name

Some of my non-Christian friends here in Japan have been a little surprised at my email address and the name for this website. Fulfilled in Jesus. One friend asked me, "Are you really fulfilled in Jesus?" Naturally I said yes, but I felt shy that I couldn't explain the depths of it on the spot.

Not that I can now, either. Jesus is fulfilling, and my life is fulfilled in Him. But I want to explain the original meaning of the phrase I chose, because it's not about me.

You see, it's not about me or us. My feelings of fulfillment will go up and down. But all things are fulfilled in Jesus already. Whether or not I feel it, it's true in Him. It's like my wife Yoko. Whether or not I'm with her, she is still beautiful. When I'm away from her, yes, I still remember that she's beautiful, but my memory can fade and my memory simply isn't the reality of her beauty. When I'm with her, however, I stand awed by her. The more I get to know her, the more I get to discover her beauty.

It's just like that with Jesus, too. Yes, He's beautiful. Yes, all fulfillment is in Him. But there are times that I wander away or get distracted, and I forget how everything is answered in Him. Then my peace is gone and I feel empty. Eventually He helps me find my way home, to the place in His heart that I was made for.

Originally I chose the name in reference to the old Hebrew law (including the 10 Commandments), known to Christians as the Old Covenant. I grew up in the Seventh-day Adventist church before leaving a few years ago. The official denomination was built around a theology which doctrinally and historically centers on the 4th commandment (of the 10 in the Old Covenant). As such, the Law was held up as the important thing, and many honest defenders of SDA theology use Matthew 5:17 to say that even Jesus came "to fulfill the Law" instead of destory it.

However, having set their sights on the Law, they honestly couldn't see that---among many other things---the word Jesus used for "fulfill" means "to make complete, execute, finish, satisfy, to level up (a hollow)." He didn't destroy the Law; He simply satisfied it and set us free from it. Just like Jesus fulfilled prophecies written about Him, so the Law prophesied of our need of a Savior and was fulfilled when He came to become our righteousness.

Jesus simply is our righteousness. You may hear of Christians talk of "righteous living" or holy lives, but I want to let you know that there is only one holy life. My life continues to fall far short, but His life is perfect forever. He fulfilled all righteousness! That's why I chose the name: Regardless of us, He fulfilled all righteousness, and all is fulfilled in Him. He's the beginning and end, and in the end, everything will come to meet in Him.

How do I describe that He is everything, that He Himself will be the answer for your every need? I can barely tell myself adequately, and every day I newly find that He is everything to me. And when I'm wandering, He is still everything, whether I realize it or not. He is faithful.

Yes, I'm free. Yes, I'm fulfilled in Jesus. But that's not what the name means. I want you know that Jesus is fulfillment.


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