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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Waiting, Abiding, Knowing

I've been offline for a little while, trying to be more responsible about spending too much time on the computer, etc. News: the Niigata earthquakes really shook the reigon, which is on the northeast coast of the Japan sea... roughly between Osaka and Tokyo on the north side. So we're totally okay, but many people up there aren't. Please pray for them.

In the last few days I somehow got busy again. When I say "busy" I don't mean I had a lot of things to do. It means that I somehow didn't spend time with God, and I've missed Him. When spending time with Him, my busyness is never too busy, because His peace floods me and I can smile and cry between moments of work.

Waiting on God... Lord, teach me to wait on You. It means being still, surrendering and letting You be Yourself, letting You reveal Yourself instead of me praying and talking to what I think You are.

Abiding in You... help me stay in You, remain in You, live in You. There really isn't life for me anywhere else, Lord, but in You. I can feel it start to wither when I get "busy" and miss You.

Knowing You... I want to know You more. You're in me, but You are so totally other than me; You are. I want to know You more. Only You can remind me... my efforts, my knowledge, my memory of verses and things about You isn't working, Lord. I need You alone, You Yourself. I want to know You.

Thank You for being such a good Teacher. I know I will learn because of who You are. I love You, Lord. Amen.


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