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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Typhoon & Waiting on God

It's Wednedsay afternoon. Today's high school classes were cancelled due to a nice typhoon that has been dumping rain on us since yesterday. And wow! Woody Hut just cancelled for tonight, too! Woody Hut is one of Osaka's two (known) English conversation cafes. I've been an instructer there for maybe two and a half years? I can't remember.

Around the noon hour, however, it was rather sunny. But now it's getting darker again, mwahahahaha! I think it might suddenly dump later. Maybe we just passed through the "eye" of the storm. Oh, and by the way, if you're curious, a hurricane and a typhoon are the same thing, just different names for different oceans. In the Atlantic they're hurricanes, in the Pacific they're typhoons. Typhoons can be a tad bit stronger because the Pacific's waters are a little warmer and there is more ocean for them to gather steam, so to speak.

In the meantime, before it really hits tonight, the sky does look beautiful, though.

In better news, Yoko and I are reading "Waiting on God" by Andrew Murray. Here's a quote:

"First, we wait on God for salvation. Then, we learn that salvation is only to bring us to God and teach us to wait on Him. Then, we find what is better still, that waiting on God is itself the highest salvation. It is ascribing to Him the glory of being All; it is experiencing that He is All to us."

Blessings to you as you wait on Him, too, and find Him to be everything to you & me!

In His love, your brother and servant, Ramone!