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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Return of the Blog

Here we go. It's been awhile since I've written on this thing... literally over a year, but I'll give it a shot today and see what happens. Goodness, this is boring without pictures. Can anyone help me with this blog thing?

Right now in Abiko...

I'm doing laundry. I just ate a grape. Grapes here in Japan are different, you know. Often they actually taste like grape juice! Amazing, no? Oh, and you peel everything here. Our neighbor came by and gave us some last night... she's so sweet! (^_^)

Do you ever wonder if your heartbeat is too strong? Sometimes as I sit here at my laptop I feel like there is a minor earthquake happening. Okay, so Japan has 1,500 tremors a year. But still. I think I see the laptop moving a little. I think it might have something to do with the traffic intersection below and the shopping street. Anyway.

Holidays and the Park

Today is a holiday. Yoko still has business on national holidays, though. I could've signed up for extra lessons at Berlitz, but I needed some rest. God let me sleep in this morning (I asked Him about it last night and He let me know it was okay to sleep in today, that I needed the rest). My nose has been strange because I was on a bad schedule, I think. So today I got up at 12:30! When I came back from California last month I was on a good schedule for awhile, even going to bed at 11. But I've slipped and need to get it back.

Monday was also a national holiday. God's been imploring me in His love to go sing out on the streets. So I went to Nagai Park on Monday and sang for a couple hours. And got eaten by some mosquitoes, despite the bug spray. But God is good... He's breaking me of a lot of fears. First I wandered around looking for the "right" place for awhile. He finally helped me turn around and not care about the right place, and just sit down and worship. It actually became easier once I started looking at people instead of looking down into the ground or at the song I was singing. The best moment was when two English-speaking foreigners and their Japanese wives & kids walked past me. They stopped to listen to me at a position where I couldn't see them, but I knew they were listening. At that moment when I should've been most embarrassed, God's passion began swelling in me, and I was focused on Him and Him alone at the expense of any opinion watching......... and I know that's how He wants to use me, to use us. He'll break peoples' hearts when our hearts are broken passionately for Him and Him alone.

Later as I was there, a Japanese man who knew a little English came and talked to me. I sang "Breathe" for him in English and Japanese. Go figure, I'm a little afraid still of singing in Japanese. "Then they might understand!" Haha, God's setting me free of all fears!

After my fingers were too sore to keep playing, I stopped and read from Psalms for a
little bit, and just watched people. I saw an American father and his kids go by on their bikes, and then stop later at a fountain. I thought "Oops, I should've continued singing." But I was hungry, so I went over to a hot dog stand and ordered one. Lo and behold, the father with his kids came to get a slushy and we talked. He works for Osaka Christian University... it's a junior college attached to the Free Methodists' Osaka Theological Seminary. So that was fun to talk and share. He was really nice and I hope to see him again. God is always wonderful to place people who love Him in my path!

We talked briefly about "Arminianism vs. Calvinism". For some of the older Protestant churches, I suppose it is the issue. **shrug** It's never been a big thing in the area I was raised, and since learning to look God in the face, the "Aslan effect" has kind of silenced my little "issues". That is, often I focused on some theological detail and it seemed really crucial. But when I learned to rest in the Lord's presence and face Him, all the things I worried about before changed in the light of Him Himself. His passion overflowed and it's like He says, "Why are you worried about that? Trust Me." And I could see how far I had wandered away from Him & His heart and into mere information, sorting knowledge about Him, without having simply gone to Him and waited in His presence for His love to give me rest! God's heart is so big, wonderful, so passionate, and so loving! All of our "issues" just grow strangely dim in the light of His heart! \(^o^)/

So later, after taking a nap at home, I got on Yoko's bike and went to a
"French cafe" in Nishitanabe to read for a few hours. I finished "The Sacred Romance" yesterday. The cafe's sirloin steak was rather good, too! I might go there again tonight. We shall see!

I haven't been sure if I should go worship on the street today, though. But I'm still getting used to hearing that call. I wonder if He has something else for me today?


you are loved says:
today I've got a good 8 hours of the day left... a day off... not quite sure what to do with it yet

Scott the Sapling says:
you could take God on a date

you are loved says:
now that's an interesting idea

Scott the Sapling says:

it's a fun one, too

Scott the Sapling says:
He likes it when you take Him places, because He gets a huge kick out of us

Scott the Sapling says:
the relationship is a lot more fun when it is mutual

Scott the Sapling says:


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